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Hey all,

Had a fun Rotisserie of the cube yesterday. I believe the results were:

Jack 3-0 with Red splashing Delver/Timetwister
Sung-Jin 2-1 with Rofellos/Cradle Green splash Sneak Attack
Zach 2-1 with BGw Reanimator plus Loam/Strip
Sal 2-1 with Uw Control

I don't know how the rest of the bracket shook out, but decks were:
Tim: Black aggro with a white splash
Sam: Wb Tokens
Shiloh: G/W based Lark Combo
Lewis: Grixis tap-out control

A few of my takeaways: the uncontested red deck is stupid, and in general the combo decks beat the fair decks. I think this format might work better with 10-12 people to ensure red is split between multiple people and maybe a third person fighting over the cheaty decks (ramp/sneak/reanimator).

Any thoughts on cards that way overperformed compared to where we usually pick them? Underperformed?


I'll make a second post just to point out that Sam put in a ton of work making a really cool tool for us to do these sorts of drafts on the site, and I think in the future we can draft in advance using that and then just pull cards from the cube itself. This would be a fun format to do make 1-2 times/year, which lines up well with when the cube is in full sort for updates.


Does someone have a screenshot or the list of the first 15 or so picks that we had on the website? So we can still see how peoples decks started out?


Thanks again to everyone who made it and helped test the new draft system. We were able to break it and figure out a lot of improvements it needs for the next time we want to try and use it. It's possible it's best used over a period of time online because the live draft might be more efficient to just pick the cards from the table.

It was cool to use the filters to find stuff I may have forgot about, like what cards have the word 'token' in them for example. So far it's fully functional on both mobile and desktop but it's possible that with the sheer amount of data there is to explore and display, we might just want to use something bigger than a phone next time.

It was also dope as a tool to explore everyone else's picks. In a format where that's all public knowledge it seems like a good way to do it. We have some updates to make so this is easier to navigate and/or see at a glance.

Yeah, I drafted crappy tokens which was too fair. People were able to just draft their decks pretty much uncontested and it did seem like a format where you'd want at least 10 people.

Shiloh, the draft should still appear under 'current drafts' on the left and you can use the seat viewer at the bottom to check out everyone's picks.