GP Denver August 18th-20th Standard 2017

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Hey everyone,
This GP is comming up in less than 2 months. Does anyone want to split a hotel room or AirBNB? I have not booked anything yet. I will be able to play magic agaIn but my Girlfriends 10 year high school reiuon is Saturday the 18th. So I will just be there on Friday and Sunday.

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 19, 2017 (All day)

If you're planning to play the GP and want to get the play mat. You have to sign up by today. Otherwise you can pay $110 instead of $70 and get the play mat plus a bonus play mat and a nice deck box and some sleeves and dice bag. You have to register by today July 7th.
Gen Con is that same weekend so I am thinking that will be a lot less magic players since people will be going to that.

As of today there was only 134 people registered out of 1800 spots.


I'm flying back from Korea on 8/18. So theoretically I could play in this, not sure how much testing I'd be able to do in the format though.


I'll be there, but I'm sticking with Legacy/Modern for the weekend.


I think I'm on for this GP, leaning towards U/W monument. Anybody have extra cards for it?


Probably just gonna play Ramunap Red assuming I can get it put together. I can probably assemble the chaff pretty easily. If anyone has Chandras I could borrow that would be great.