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Hey everyone, I guess no one made a Grand Prix Denver Post yet. It is December 2-4. It's standard.

My real question is does anyone want to stay in the hotel convention center with me. So far I just have Jay and I in one room. I have two other rooms as well that I am probably going to cancel it unless anyone wants to stay in them? The cost per room is about $140 for a night. Please comment here or message me if you're interested.


Event Date: 
Saturday, December 3, 2016 (All day)

So we’re like 2 weeks from the GP. Does everyone know what they’re playing?!


I'd like to play delirium if I can somehow scrounge it together. Otherwise I'm probably gonna play UR or Grixis Dynavolt.


I have Mardu Vehicles built and i like the deck. It seems to trounce anything not named GB Delirium and UW Flash, but those matchups are tough.

Should be good times, if i scrub out there is Legacy on Sunday!


I was going to play UR Colossus but it is super inconsistent. I either get 1-3 10/10s on turns 5-8. Or I don't draw artifacts or lands or colorless creatures. I want to switch to UW flash / Spirit since that is what I keep losing too. Does anyone have UW flash / Spirit cards than I could borrow please?


I only have copters. I think I'm on RB aggro but wish it was better. I need to borrow Kalitas and Chandras the rest is easy.


It looks like I found the rest of the deck so all I need is 2-3 Smugglers Copters for the GP since I opened 1-2 of them in my Korean Packs. How many copters do you have Sam that I could borrow? Which Chandra? 4 or 6 or 6 mana


Unfortunately, i dont have Kalitas or Chandras.

The new Aetherworks lists that are only playing RG look mega tight. It isnt as all in as Temur and it won a big online tournament this past weekend. I might try it out, but damn new Emrakul is a little pricey.


I have four copters that I'll be using unless I get handed something like UW or BG.

I need the 4 mana chandra.


I'll be in town for the GP and cube. Can I borrow a deck?


Can you send me a a link to the new aetherworks list please?


ShilohCan you send me a a link to the new aetherworks list please?

This Jaberwocki guy took down a very large online tournament with a RG Aetherworks deck.

He also has the most 5-0 trophies in the online Competitive Leagues, is a well known online player, and Reid Duke's cousin. I think the guy plays Magic full time and just grinds online all day, sometimes he streams. He thinks this deck is very good against GB but only decent vs UW, so if the meta is full of GB...





Me, too!

I wish i could help some of you guys out with cards, but i basically just bought Mardu Vehicles in paper and thats it, with the intention of selling back out of Standard after the GP. So i dont have any extra Standard stuff, we've all been out of Standard for so long!


GP is a week from Saturday. Let's start figuring out rides, borrowing cards and sign up for hotel rooms.

If we stay four to a room, it's like $35-40 each night. I would like to stay Friday and maybe Saturday if I have a group of three others that also want to stay those nights.

I am looking to find Kozilek's Returns for upwards of two decks. Anyone have any? Can we magically gather 8 amongst our team?

I am potentially on RB aggro or Grixis Emerge depending on card availability.


I am in for Friday/Saturday in a room.


I am in for Saturday room. Don't know if I'll be driving down for Friday or not.


I can do either Fri/Sat or just Sat for rooms. Don't really want to pay for a room with under 3 people though.


Count me out for rooms, i'll be going back and forth for this one.


So, i ended up getting all the cards for the RG Aetherworks Marvel deck... It was late late at night and i got excited while watching a guys stream who was killing with it. I dont want to think about how much money i've spent on this stupid Standard for the GP, so lets not dwell on that.

What this means, though, is that i do have a lot of cards for use if anyone needs them. Here is the list of stuff:

Essentially, i have almost everything to make Mardu Vehicles for someone and/or the GR Energy Combo deck. I feel like both are not very well positioned at the moment, which i guess is why i was quick to audible, but Vehicles can still have an unbeatable curve, it just kept testing inconsistently for me.

RG Marvel crushes GB, it feels like you cant lose that matchup. Chaining Emrakuls is about as fun as it sounds like it would be. If the meta game turns out to be a lot of GB, i feel very good about the upcoming GP. The online meta has UW - GB - Mardu Vehicles - RG Marvel as the top 4 decks, but again, i personally feel like the aggro decks are on the decline.

I dont know if this will help anyone with their decks, but let me know! I fully intend to try and sell almost all of this at the GP at some point and just roll it into a dual land to hang onto long term or something.

EDIT: Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Turkey Day!

Can I get dibs on your scrapheap scroungers?


I opened up the spreadsheet so you should be able to edit on it. Try and put your name next to anything you want to borrow, let me know if it doesnt work.


Ok so I am officially on RB aggro. Outside of the stuff I signed up for on Michael's spreadsheet, here are the rares I'm looking for:

4 Foreboding Ruins
4 Smoldering Marsh
2 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance


Leaning towards crashing Friday with Con and Sat in a room


Hotel rooms GP Denver.

Room 1

Friday Night: Shiloh, Jai, Dominic, Spencer

Saturday Night: Shiloh, Jai, Sungin, Dominick

Room 2

Friday Night: Sam, Sal, Adam, Sungin

Saturday Night: Sam, Sal, Tim, Zach

Room 3 (I will be offering this room to other friend or canceling this room)

Friday Night:

Saturday Night:

@Con: Do you want in on any of my rooms Con? Or do you have your own place you are staying.

@Michael: I want to confirm you don't want to stay at the hotel any of the nights

EDIT: My friends Spencer and Dominick want to stay in the room. I have moved Sungin to the other room for Friday Night. Let me know if that is not okay with people. Then we will have 4 people in each room. I assume no one would want 5 people in there room for a night.


I'll be crashing at Con's place on Friday. Won't need a hotel room that night. I'll be on site Saturday night though.

I'm trying to get 2 out of 3 of Grixis Zombie-Emerge, UW, and GB delirium together for Con and I. Taking inventory of what I'd need. I know for UW I'd have Gideon and Avacyn covered (with Michael's Gideons), but almost everything else I'll have to check with Lewis for what he has and nobody else is using. A few things I'm wondering... do we have any extra:

Selfless Spirit
Spell Queller

floating around? These are all big enough that to be buying sets would feel rough. I don't hate buying Scraheaps and Amalgams for myself since #modernplayable.


I have lots of selfless spirits I have some number of Korean spell queller. I am borrowing UW from Lewis minus smugglers Copters.


I'm in for Friday night and Saturday night hotel rooms. Hoping to get up to four people for both nights.

I have everything for my deck but two Chandras. Can anyone hook me up?


SamI'm in for Friday night and Saturday night hotel rooms. Hoping to get up to four people for both nights.
I have everything for my deck but two Chandras. Can anyone hook me up?

Hi all. I had completely forgot about this forum after my summer away from magic until Al reminded me! I'm happy to help out with things people may need, and if you still need someone for the Friday hotel room, I'd love to take the spot.

Sam, I have two Chandras I can let you borrow for the weekend.


@Shiloh I won't be needing a hotel room, thanks! I am looking forward to cubing with y'all.


Adam you have been added to the hotel room on Friday night.