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I will leave this right here...

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Saturday, April 1, 2017 (All day)

I feel like you might as well go with the 3 best decks right now and play Infect, Affinity, and Burn. Boom, done.


San Antonio is in my backyard...


There's very little overlap between the decks of modern these days. The combo-aggro decks like infect, affinity, bogles are almost completely unique. So are burn and dredge and lantern. I'm pretty sure you can just play what you want for this as long as all 3 decks have game against the fast shit


I think I'd like to play Titanbreach (4 chalice 3 anger main for this). Rules out burn/dredge/jund. Possible pairings could be infect, affinity/lantern, abzan, Merfolk, grixis, UR kiln fiend, Eldrazi, ad nauseum, grishoalbrand just off the top of my head.


Have you tried TitanBreach yet? The deck feels super awkward a lot, but yeah, you can sometimes get sick turn 3 kills. I liked the idea of building for speed, while also getting the benefit of a turn 1 Chalice occasionally, but i've been doing much better with the consistency of TitanShift.

Dropping blue feels like the right move in Scapeshift decks, for now, but i'll definitely admit that TitanShift is super linear and probably wont be all that much fun in the long run. I'm doing well with it online, though, and winning is fun at least.

These are the Scapeshift decks in the format right now:
BtL Scapeshift - Probably one of my favorite Modern decks, interactive, Cryptic Commands, need i say more? Unfortunately, it is a little slow when against a meta of Burn, Infect, Suicide Bloo/Zoo.

TitanShift - Plays 4 Prime Times and 4 Scapeshifts. You drop the blue and splash colors for straight GR. Very consistent turn 4 and 5 kills, the deck just ramps and does its thing. Turn 4/5 can feel slow at times, too, but you play Bolts and Angers in this list to try and hold off the dumb ass Become Immense/Battle Rage aggro decks for a few turns.

TitanBreach - Also GR, and it plays 4 Titans and 1 Scapeshift as an alt win con, but this deck is really looking to power out a Through the Breach/Prime Time and uses Simian Spirit Guides to help. It also plays 4 Chalice of the Void and zero Lightning Bolts.


Who's headed out? I'm gonna be teaming up with Jaeden and Sam Katz on RG Breach most likely.


Sung-JinWho's headed out? I'm gonna be teaming up with Jaeden and Sam Katz on RG Breach most likely.

What is the rest of your team on?


I'm on Breach, Sam's on Blue Moon, Jaeden on Abzan.


I got a Facebook message from Lee Merino that said something like, "My team has decided to play your States deck in San Antonio, can you write us up a quick sideboard guide and tips'n'tricks?"

Am i supposed to feel privileged that Lee's wanna be pro team is using my deck, lol? So honored that i spend a bunch of time on a guide for them? I mean, i'll probably do it just because i get bored at work.


@Michael. Did Lee offer you anything in return for helping? Like a percentage of the prize or a card. Or was he expecting that you already had something written up so you won't have to spend a bunch of time doing it.

Did they give out a trophy or plaque for winning states?


No, i think he just wanted a favor, which is fine, i dont need any percentage of winnings, lol. I cranked out a couple pages of info while it was slow at work, the deck is pretty easy to play, so there isnt much to say, really.

I did not get a tophy or plaque. I thought TCG usually gave out something! Just a 'Champion' playmat that isnt even all that great, 2.5 boxes, and like $50 worth of credit at TCG's site.


Our team's been thinking about making the last minute swap to death's shadow jund and Bant Eldrazi. We're missing 2 Baubles and deaths shadows. Anyone happen to have them for trade?